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Is it politics or fairness when it comes to pokies?

Published by The-Expert
Date: 2013-Dec-6
In category: Reviews

The recent ruling that the Australian government will not allow proposed limits on ATM Machines in Australian casinos, and the pre-commitment cards that activists want casinos to employ, has many people up in arms. People on both sides of the issue have their own opinions on what this decision really means. Some believe that it is a political ploy by the government, in order to make good on some campaign promises. Others believe that this is an issue of fairness, because they feel players should have the ability to make their own decisions on how much money they spend in a casino. Perhaps the best way to combat the perceived gambling problem, in Australia, which is said to be the highest in the world, is to educate people more on what they themselves can do to combat the issue.

Most anti-gambling groups start out as having a good intentions. The truth is that when these groups overplay their hands, and those on the outside hear of the stories, it makes them appear as if they are more about each taking money away from the casinos than they are protecting the players. It is fairly easy to see, when one begins to research this predicament, that there are all kinds of numbers which are being presented. Most of the time, these numbers are glaringly all about how much money these groups were able to keep the casino from earning. There is little talk of how many gamblers they were actually able to save from addiction. The latest is that, on average, a player spent $90.00 less on the pokies then they would have, had the limits on the ATMs not been in place in Victoria. Continue reading 'Is it politics or fairness when it comes to pokies?'

What you may not know about pokies

Published by The-Expert
Date: 2013-Sep-27
In category: Games

One of the most fascinating and exciting experiences to take part in in Australia are the pokies. Millions of people or playing the pokies every single day, but most of them may not realize how they actually came about. In 1885 the very first slot machine was created by Charles Fay. The popularity of the machine grew so much that he began a slot machine factory in 1896. Needless to say, his ingenuity changed the world of gambling forever. The first online pokies Australia came in the early 1900s. It was not until sometime during the 1950s that Aristocrat created the first pokie machine in Australia, called 'The Clubman.'

Today, slot machines around the world are played 24 hours a day by players who have dreams and visions of becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams. Of course, there are those who want to play just for fun but for the most part, people play because they want to win a lot of money. In Australia at the average payout on the pokies is around 91%. It is also interesting to note that Australia has a law requiring the machines to payout a minimum of 87%. This basically means that the machines have to pay that amount out, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to be the one to get it. Continue reading 'What you may not know about pokies'

Where can you find new pokies in Australia?

Published by The-Expert
Date: 2013-Sep-10
In category: Pokies

Whenever you go online to find some great games to play it is always a surprise when you find something new. The best of these surprises come in the form of brick and mortar games that you can play online; these are few and far between. Most of the online pokies are created especially for the Internet. We do, from time to time, find some great games that have crossed over from the land-based casinos to the online casinos. They may behave a little bit differently, but most of the time the symbols are the same; offering us a great way to feel as if we are in a brick and mortar casino even more.

Quick Hits Platinum is one of the pokies that you can play online if you live in Australia. This is a game that is widely popular in brick and mortar casinos in the United States. It offers an incredible re-triggering free games bonus feature, and the land based version offers some pretty hefty payouts. It would appear that the online version does not seems to have the highest in payouts, but if you are patient, you will find that this game can be incredibly rewarding and fun. Many people spend hours upon hours at their favorite Quick Hits Platinum game in the land-based casinos, so it is quite possible that since the game is available online, that they will do the same. Continue reading 'Where can you find new pokies in Australia?'

Is retro reels the latest in gaming?

Published by The-Expert
Date: 2013-Sep-6
In category: Australia

Sometimes it is great to be able to play some sophisticated, modern games in which we can feel as if we are keeping up with the times, but yet have the simplicity of the older pokies. No matter where technology takes us, there is just something about the games symbols that were once the norm in terms of pokies. The dollar signs, sevens, bars, cherries, lemons, and the other fruit symbols give us a feeling of comfort; especially when we are playing a new game.

Microgaming is one particular company that offers us pretty much anything we want in terms of playing pokies online. Retro Reels is a game that they offer that provides not only the symbols of the original games, but also offers many of the experiences and technologies of the newer games. With five reels and 25 pay lines, you will be able to see more of the familiar symbols in a very sleek dark background. Even though the game it appears to be in line with the pokies in the very beginning of this type of gambling, Retro Reels keeps in line with the changing times by offering a free spin bonus as well as multipliers. Continue reading 'Is retro reels the latest in gaming?'

A list of themed games

Published by The-Expert
Date: 2013-Jul-16
In category: Blog

Every part of the world calls slots games something different. In America they are called 'slot games,' in Europe they are called 'fruit machines,' and in Australia, they are called 'pokies'. No matter what part of the world you are from or what you are used to calling these games, there are a few things that they all have in common. Of course the basic concept of them all is the same; you put in coins, spin the reels, and hope the symbols land in manner that will assure you of a big win. This is just one of the things that they all have in common but another thing that stands out even more than the money are the various themes that these games offer. I have made a list of common themes, but first the latest news: Continue reading 'A list of themed games'

Explaining the legalities of pokies in australia

Published by The-Expert
Date: 2013-Jun-7
In category: Blog

Discerning gamblers in Australia want to know what they are legally allowed to do and what is prohibited when it comes to playing online pokies. Much confusion has ensued over the past few years because of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. Knowing what this act means can clear up much confusion so that when you begin playing you will definitely feel more comfortable when you decide to login and take up the challenge of attempting to win big at the hundreds of pokes that are available.

Before 2001, Australia had a booming business in the online casino world. It was legal to own and operate a gambling website but in 2001 the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 make the operation of an online casino illegal. Unlike similar acts in other countries, those establishments in Australia who were online and in operation before the Act was passed were allowed to continue operations. Lasseters took advantage of this until they closed in 2008. There are some online games in operation but most players tend to look online for websites based in other countries that will accept players from Australia. Continue reading 'Explaining the legalities of pokies in australia'

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